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Ramblin’ On My Mind (2)

6 August, 2011 (18:32) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

I was chatting with a chum about Google+, of which he is a huge fan.  I have an account there but don’t do much with it yet.  However I said to Steve that:

I am currently rethinking my on-line existence.

I drop into one or two forums three or four times a day to see what’s happening and likewise with Facebook and, to a lesser degree, with LinkedIn. I probably look at BBC News and the Guardian on line more though. I don’t tweet and gave up on Twitter within a short time after I started there. I have accounts at Diaspora and Quora but only rarely bother to look if anything has happened.

I look into G+ every so often in the day but don’t have it open all the time whereas my email is always on either on the laptop or my phone.

Although I can see the way the world is going and have mused often at work about eCommerce in a world of ubiquitous computing, in fact I am increasingly drawn to spending a lot more time off-grid: the more interconnected we become the more important I think it is to keep a focus on personal identity.

Of course within a couple of days of writing that I had opened not one but two Twitter accounts.  One of them is for work but the other is personal (you can follow me from a button to the right if you want). I really didn’t like Twitter much last time I tried it out but maybe it will be different this time – in part because I have separated work from personal.  Also I am mainly following journalistic sources so most of the tweets I get are news updates of one kind or another.

We’ll see how it works out.