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11 January, 2010 (00:26) | Books, Dance!, Music | By: Ian Burdon

soft light

The chill continues although there is something of a thaw in progress at present.  Aside from my return to work this week, I have taken advantage of the time to do a lot of reading after a lengthy period during which I seemed to read very little.  For the most part it has been science fiction of one kind or another, notably catching up with where things are with Charles Stross’s Merchant Princes sequence but other stuff as well.  And there is a newish Malcolm Prior novel –From Abersytwyth With Love to enjoy.

Highlight of the week, though, was the Mons Meg soirée last night.  The idea was simple enough – invite friends and family along to our normal practice venue – The Village Inn in Leith – but make sure that a decent number of those attending were content to sing some songs or tell some stories or play some tunes or even dance.  Although the weather and other factors limited numbers a bit, it turned into a really enjoyable informal evening.

soiree session

It was all the better for being spontaneous and because enough people were happy to chip in with something to keep things going all night.    We broke up around eleven and ended up round at Trina’s house where music making continued into the early hours.