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Adieu, Adieu

25 March, 2018 (15:25) | Facebook | By: Ian Burdon

As regular readers (all three of you) know, I deactivated my Facebook account in November 2016. At the time I wrote

The reason I did it was simple: I opened my account up over breakfast one morning, scrolled back through a few entries, and decided I didn’t want to see any more of what was there. I’ve always said I liked Facebook because I could keep in touch with friends and relatives and post photographs, etc., but the scrolling list of memes and stupidity that morning repelled me, especially the political stuff from either side of the Atlantic.

Signal:Noise was unacceptable.

I’ve now taken the plunge and deleted the account entirely. Yes, there will be the minor inconvenience of not seeing some family things, but the 17 months since I first deactivated the account have not led to the sky falling and I haven’t missed it at all. So time to cut it adrift.


Comment from Alex Mitchell
Time April 9, 2018 at 2:18 am

Ian; Once again our lives seem to be running parallel. I have done exactly the same thing in recent days.