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What a difference a year makes

5 September, 2010 (09:14) | Legs!, Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

As I type at 9.00 on a Sunday morning it is precisely a year today since I was standing around in George Square in Glasgow, trying to keep warm and waiting to run the half marathon element of The Great Scottish Run.  You’ll find the story of that here.

Today the world looks different, not simply because it looks as though it will be a pretty warm day for those running in contrast to last year’s cold dampness, but also because I have lost so much of the fitness I had then.  My BP has been up and down through the year but with one thing or another I haven’t ever really got back into my stride, so to speak, with running.   Yesterday, for example, I did a quick circuit round a couple of miles which last year would have taken me 20 minutes or so but yesterday was run a mile, walk two minutes. run half a mile, walk two minutes…etc.   And it took quite a lot more energy out of me than I expected.

Still, nil desperandum: it just means that I have to start to work my way up the fitness tree again from a lowish basis.

I took the first harvest from the reliable old apple tree at the back of our garden yesterday and cooked up an apple and blueberry crumble which the gannets scoffed with alacrity.   There were some blueberries left over so when I got up this morning I rustled up some blueberry muffins.  Hoorah!  And now it is time to take a pot of tea (Ceylonese, leaf not tea bags) out onto the decking to read for a while in the early morning sunshine.


Comment from Amy
Time September 5, 2010 at 11:29 am

Are you implying that I am a seagull?… It was a tasty crumble though… Yum.