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Dry Bone Shuffle

10 May, 2010 (21:54) | Legs!, Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

I composed the following blog entry shortly before Mr. Brown’s political coup du theatre.  I’ll post it anyway and ponder Brown some more for tomorrow.


Gary Younge, commenting in this morning’s Guardian about the widely reported demands of the financial markets regarding the outcome of the election, wrote as follows:

The very sector we bailed out with public money, run by incompetent people who are once again paying themselves bonuses, is now threatening to destabilise the next government unless it fires thousands of low-paid workers, cuts their wages and withdraws the services to millions of mostly poor people.

It’s as though you borrowed money against your home to save a wayward relative from penury only to have them roll up a week later in a brand new Porsche and tell you to cut your food bill or they’ll repossess the property.

I couldn’t say it any better.

I was at the doctor this morning and my meds are being changed again – we are looking for a combination which works as well as the first one did (except that it also gave me awkwardly swollen ankles and triggered a recurrence of old aches and pains as a side effect).  The change is because my current meds aren’t making any particular difference despite, as I wrote to The Big Canadian earlier this week, my shuffling through the Edinburgh sands with my head in Mississippi for the past few weeks.    Hopefully the latest change will get me back on track. Despite my best efforts to stay chipper, this ongoing issue with the BP has been quite dis-spiriting and my self-image has taken somethingof a knock, as has my motivation to keep running.  I need to find a way to reset my self-image and I’m pondering this a lot recently.  I really need now also to start some light jogging again, particularly as I can feel my waist band tightening. I’m still wearing 34″ waistband jeans but would be wearing 35″ if such things existed.

Great news is that I did finally get out on my new bicycle for an extended run yesterday – down along the seafront at Crammond/Silverknowes/Granton.  It was only for an hour but it was good fun and great to be in the open air doing something again.  I would have enjoyed doing more but, putting this delicately, I require to build some tolerance to the effects of a saddle on middle aged buttocks.