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On Yer Bike…

4 April, 2010 (21:13) | Books, Dance! | By: Ian Burdon

I bought a bike today.  I went along to check them out but found one that I liked and had the money sitting in a Building Society account so I bought it.   I’m very pleased with it and will no doubt take some photos tomorrow to post here – when it has stopped raining.

Things have changed a bit though.  The last time I rode a cycle regularly was when I first came to Edinburgh.  It was heavy with drop handlebars and a whole 5 gears: this one is relatively light with flat handlebars and 24 gears (count ’em)

Meanwhile I have been re-reading Jan Siegel’s “Prospero’s Children” trilogy which I had left to lie for a while in the attic.  They are fantasy novels but hit two or three sweet spots for me – well written with that intangible quality which I think of as being a classic British rhythm and cadence to the sentence structure.  She wrote three later novels which are tangentially linked under her real name of Amanda Hemingway and I hear rumours of something else in the pipeline which would be a good thing.

They are a useful reminder that in the sci-fi/fantasy world there are some decent writers lurking behind the blood and thunder of hard sci-fi and space opera.  I have a high hope that some if this will bleed through into the new series of Doctor Who which began last night here in the UK.  Last night’s programme had the principal aim of introducing the new Doctor and companion and setting the tone of the series and in this it succeeded admirably I think.  And I am smitten by Karen Gillan who plays the companion – Amy Pond.

However I shall miss next week’s episode when it goes out because I shall be in Derby for DERT.  On the whole I can live with this – and as you may have guessed from this and the previous post, I’m really looking forward to DERT.  We have one practice to go to take of some remaining rough edges and that happens tomorrow evening and then it is time to iron the white shirts, polish the shoes, practice stepping whenever the opportunity arises and enter into that special meditative state which is necessary when you know that there is a brewery in Derby which has created a special beer just for the event…