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Bit of this, bit of that

23 March, 2018 (15:56) | Goggle-eyes | By: Ian Burdon

I’m conscious I said in January I’d write something about Blade Runner 2049 and Ghost in the Shell, and I haven’t. Since then I’ve also watched the original Japanese film with subtitles rather than dubbed into English, and that is the preferable version, unless you speak Japanese.

This isn’t the thing I was going to write–I probably still will, but I need to watch them again. This is a quick snapshot of viewing here.

Altered Carbon (Netflix): has similar themes to Ghost in the Shell etc., insofar as it deals with identity and memory and the nature of self. I enjoyed the novels back in the day and was prepared to be disappointed by the adaptation, but it’s a decent effort that I enjoyed, notwithstanding some scenery chewing.

Britannia (Sky/Amazon): another I started to watch with some trepidation. It is junk, but very entertaining junk and I binge watched it. It featured a young actor named Eleanor Worthington-Cox who gave what I thought was an excellent, self-assured performance in a big name cast.

Supergirl: I caught up on series 3 and some of my earlier issues with this season have dissipated somewhat. I’m looking forward to the remainder of the series once it comes back. In the bigger picture, though, I’m not convinced it is right for the CW network, and I miss Calista Flockhart.

Jennifer Jones Season 2 (Netflix): deserves a longer review. I binged it and enjoyed it. As I thought with season one, however, it could have been a couple of episodes shorter and been the better for it, a more distilled experience. Somebody online suggested it ‘meandered’ towards the end and that seems fair. I’ll probably binge it again sometime, though. Still, the Jeri Hogarth subplot was worth the cost of admission on its own: Carrie Anne Moss was devastating.

Annihilation (Netflix in UK): very good SF movie. Another I’ll watch again soon. I thought one or two elements were too laid back, but that is a minor criticism. Things happen; there are reasons, but you have to pay attention, and even then not everything submits to easy explanation: some things just are.

The Shape of Water: deserves every accolade thrown at it. Mesmerisingly good.

Thor: Ragnarok: fun movie I’ve watched several times already. Would probably be my favourite of the recent Marvel crop were it not for

Black Panther: I need to see it again, but Black Panther is a game changer. They say there are only a handful of stories, what matters is how they are told; in one respect this is a classic origins story/hero’s journey, but the confidence and verve with which it is told mark it out as something special in the way Marvel tells stories. This isn’t only about representation, though it is clearly as critical in that respect as Wonder Woman. After watching Black Panther I went back and watched Captain America: Civil War, which is a good film, but seemed monochrome and pedestrian in comparison. Black Panther essentially sets the bar for the next generation of Marvel movies which, Wonder Woman aside, are already light years ahead of DC.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: pure entertainment. Funny, self aware, heart warming even.

And finally, I caught up with the whole of the Hunger Games sequence. I remember being surprised by the first when I first saw it because for some reason I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. The quality is pretty much sustained over the sequence although the final film, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 2 is, for me, the weakest of them insofar as it is pretty much an all out action movie. Still, it was a good sequence, well played throughout. I have to say it was blindingly obvious to me that it works in large part because of the excellence of Jennifer Lawrence, who carries the lead in all four seemingly effortlessly.