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Evolve Fish

24 August, 2002 (12:55) | Archived Blog | By: Ian Burdon

Isn’t it remarkable how a few words can evoke pin sharp memories and warm, viscous feelings of a long gone time and state of mind? I’m looking at some such words now. They say:

This stereo record can be played on mono reproducers provided either a compatible or stereo cartridge wired for mono is fitted. Recent equipment may already be fitted with a suitable cartridge. If in doubt consult your dealer.

Pure Magic

I found the gif below last night on a site called Evolve Fish which appears to be a page for campaigning atheists in the US. Much of the stuff on the site seemed to me to be pretty juvenile both in its conception and realisation but the following appealed to me:


I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I like it and I dare say it will find a use somewhere around here.