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Click, Whirrr…

13 June, 2017 (20:21) | snap! | By: Ian Burdon

I’m enjoying using my film cameras on holiday, though it hasn’t gone exactly as expected. My original idea was to use mostly 35mm, with medium format being used from time to time when a landscape required it.

In fact I have so completely fallen for the Pentax 645N that it has been my main camera for the whole holiday, almost exclusively with a 45mm lens and a graduated grey filter. I’ve used Kodak Ektar ISO100 film but will have to switch to my backup supply of Kodak Portra 400ASA soon. The other Pentax, the original 645, has been loaded with Rollei RPX400 Black and White film and has had more limited use.

My Canon AT1, also loaded with Ektar, has mainly been on standby for wildlife pics with a 500mm mirror lens, but photogenic wildlife has been notable by its absence so far.