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I’m No Fan of Theresa May, But…

13 July, 2016 (17:23) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

One of the stranger aspects of the past few days has been the number of times I’ve found myself saying: “I’m no fan of Theresa May, but…” And it is true: I am no fan of Theresa May.

And yet I do find myself saying and writing it, in part because (without wishing to be ungallant) she was the least worst of the candidates available for the post of Prime Minister. This includes those on the opposition front benches: the Labour Party, to which I naturally incline, is toast.

I am intrigued that Theresa May has been tacking to the centre this past week, and making some strategic statements designed no doubt for the ears of those floating Labour voters who aren’t already in the welcoming arms of UKIP or the SNP. What Mrs. May understands and Mr. Corbyn and his acolytes do not, is that the aspirational working and middle classes are not socialist. To be sure they lean generally leftwards in most social attitudes, but they are also the children of the cohort that bought their council houses under Mrs. Thatcher, and voted for a Blair government three times. It is a cohort that distrusts ideology of any kind in favour of an undefined sense of “fairness”, albeit that the past couple of weeks have shone light on some grubby beasties hiding under stones.

Britain has changed hugely during my lifetime as have the attitudes and expectations of Britons. For the most part I think these changes have been for the better. It really will not do for the Labour Party operate on the basis of early 20th century economic and political ideology expressed in the language of a second-rate nineteen-seventies sociology tutor.

As matters stand as I write this, I reckon the Conservatives will be in government, probably with a very substantial majority, until 2025 at the earliest. And it is for that reason I find myself regarding Theresa May with my fingers crossed.


Comment from Bob Curry
Time July 14, 2016 at 4:14 pm

And she’s even proved that she DOES have a sense of humor. Making Boris Foreign Secretary ?. Arf ? !