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4 September, 2012 (17:27) | Books | By: Ian Burdon

I was reminded of a post I wrote two years or so ago (this one) about another holiday in Sutherland in 2010 in which I mentioned in passing that

An odd thing happened today. Many years ago I started to write a fantasy novel which I abandoned on the basis that it was utter crap. Today as we were driving along I was struck with ideas for a series of short stories (or perhaps an episodic novel) which interested me. I have no particular regard for myself as a writer but I might try and work some of these notions up and see what happens.

I didn’t do anything with them then but do still have the very brief notes I took at the time. It isn’t as though I don’t have enough to do already but for various reasons I’m of a mind to see if I can do something with the notes, for my own pleasure if no-one else’s.

Inspiration comes in strange ways; part of my spur to do something has come from listening to Deb Harkness talk about how she came to start writing A Discovery of Witches and it kind of rang a bell.  The other spur is curiosity – to see whether I can sustain a piece of fictional writing without boring myself first.

If I get anywhere I’ll let you know: if I don’t you will never hear about it again.