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5 Rings to Rule Them All

9 August, 2012 (21:01) | Legs!, Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

And lo, the world submitted before the might of the Games and bread and circuses were the order of the day…

At least that is my excuse.  In fact although I am deeply sceptical and grumpy about aspects of the games, it has to be said that the minute the competitions actually started all of that faded into the background. At least for now.

For the most part I have not found myself watching sports which I would not otherwise have done with the exception of the boxing. I have enjoyed them nonetheless and it has just occured to me that they have provided a constant background presence which has replaced that of the Leveson Enquiry.

Since last posting I have, for the first time since September 2009, not been taking Blood Pressure medication. This is a good thing I think. It is particularly good because my feet, ankles and shins are returning to their normal size.  Last night I made a start on something long delayed – I put on some running shoes and went for a jog.

Oh dear. It was tough and I really didn’t go far or try anything too fast. Just a painful 14 minutes for a run which would once have taken me 10.  Tonight I rest then I’ll do the same jog tomorrow. The aim, is to take a week or two until that jog becomes continuous and approaches the 10 minute mark and only then will I try and push it out a bit further.

All being well I’ll then move onto a schedule designed to lead up to a 10K race although my aim is just to get myself to 10K fitness. After that I have no plans except to stay fit.

And finally: This has been written on a Bluetooth keyboard paired with a Nexus 7 tablet. Love it.


Comment from Rachel
Time August 11, 2012 at 11:36 am

Fantastic. Onwards and upwards!