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Category: Pressure!

Spring has sprung

20 April, 2014 (20:26) | Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

I had a wryly entertaining visit to Hospital last week. It wasn’t anything special, just a check up. It was entertaining for the subtlety of the specialist’s non-directive and ever-so-polite recommendation. He noticed that all of my numbers and readings were fine but still my BP has – or may have been – creeping up. […]

5 Rings to Rule Them All

9 August, 2012 (21:01) | Legs!, Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

And lo, the world submitted before the might of the Games and bread and circuses were the order of the day… At least that is my excuse.  In fact although I am deeply sceptical and grumpy about aspects of the games, it has to be said that the minute the competitions actually started all of […]

What’s in a name?

13 June, 2012 (18:28) | Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

As best as I recall, I first became aware of Labelling Theory sometime during my first Degree – probably around 1980 or ’81. As traditionally used it is to do with the labelling of deviance and the power of the label to impute something which may not actually be there. In one way or another […]

Blood Pressure stuff

21 May, 2012 (22:20) | Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

Back in September 2009 I ran a half marathon in Glasgow.  You can read about it here.  That was the last serious piece of running I did. I cannot help but look at the photo of me on that posting and wonder where all the weight which I have put on has come from 🙂 […]

Not a trainblog

14 September, 2010 (23:01) | Legs!, Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

This would have been a trainblog written on my return from Suzie and Andy’s wedding over the weekend  but there was little room to write on the journey back and so this has had a little time to mature (or fester). After a quick trip to the doctor’s on blood pressure business (160/86 – meds […]

What a difference a year makes

5 September, 2010 (09:14) | Legs!, Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

As I type at 9.00 on a Sunday morning it is precisely a year today since I was standing around in George Square in Glasgow, trying to keep warm and waiting to run the half marathon element of The Great Scottish Run.  You’ll find the story of that here. Today the world looks different, not […]

“This will succeed through its success”

13 May, 2010 (20:11) | Pressure!, Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

And so we have a new government: given the way that the final electoral arithmetic worked out we got the only one of the possible permutations which made arithmetical and political sense.  Quite how long lasting the arrangement will prove to be I do not know but as they have only been in office for […]

Dry Bone Shuffle

10 May, 2010 (21:54) | Legs!, Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

I composed the following blog entry shortly before Mr. Brown’s political coup du theatre.  I’ll post it anyway and ponder Brown some more for tomorrow. ===== Gary Younge, commenting in this morning’s Guardian about the widely reported demands of the financial markets regarding the outcome of the election, wrote as follows: The very sector we […]

And they’re off…

7 April, 2010 (20:07) | Music, Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

Election fever strikes and Cosmic Mansions is plunged into a maelstrom of apathy.   I’m not going to write anything obviously political about it here or elsewhere – even were I not a public servant and therefore bound to draw a discrete veil over my thoughts, I should not think that you would be particularly interested.  […]

Legs! Update

3 March, 2010 (16:33) | Legs!, Pressure! | By: Ian Burdon

Previously on Ian’s Health….  I worked hard last year to get fit for a marathon on my 50th but a month before, after finishing the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon, discovered I had dangerously high blood pressure.  Intense exercise was put on hold for a while and medication was prescribed which brought me back to […]