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Category: Dance!

The men that brocht in the morice-dauns

29 December, 2011 (15:29) | Dance!, Rants | By: Ian Burdon

I passed a pleasant hour or so  this morning watching the excellent Way of the Morris, a documentary by Tim Plester ostensibly about the Adderbury Village Morris Men but, as with the best such films, resonating in all sorts of areas. One of the areas that it focused on was Morris Dance as an expression […]

Rattle Up My Boys!

16 January, 2011 (00:06) | Dance! | By: Ian Burdon

It’s been a quiet week for the most part although it ended with a rattle last night when we ran a Rapper Workshop to see if we could find any new dancers for Mons Meg. It was a successful evening in that we had 25 folks show up and I think that a goodly number […]

To taste all the publican’s beer

9 January, 2011 (14:43) | Dance! | By: Ian Burdon

Mons Meg were out for a tour last night, our first for a while, and we stuck to our familiar stomping ground of Leith Walk. Although the dancing was a bit rusty, it was a good crawl with enthusiastic punters and, I think, decent takings in the hat.  We did eight dances overall in Mathers […]

DART 2010

25 October, 2010 (02:23) | Dance! | By: Ian Burdon

DART has been great for a number of reasons.  I’ll post a longer assessment later when I have had time to process some thoughts but we have had a whale of a time. In dance terms I think we did well – certainly the judges’ comments suggest so.  We are not here primarily to compete […]

It never rains but…

25 May, 2010 (19:40) | Dance! | By: Ian Burdon

A largely quiet week at Cosmic Mansions which ended well with the warmest weekend of the year so far which meant mowing the lawn and a certain amount of reading of newspapers on a lounger in the sun. Friday saw the final episode of Ashes to Ashes on BBC.  I stuck with A2A through three […]

DERT 2010

13 April, 2010 (22:20) | Dance! | By: Ian Burdon

So: where to begin? We travelled down to Derby on Friday arriving to register around 7.30 in the evening giving us plenty of time to find where we were camping and set up and then head back to a pub to meet up with friends from other sides. It was a good night – although […]

On Yer Bike…

4 April, 2010 (21:13) | Books, Dance! | By: Ian Burdon

I bought a bike today.  I went along to check them out but found one that I liked and had the money sitting in a Building Society account so I bought it.   I’m very pleased with it and will no doubt take some photos tomorrow to post here – when it has stopped raining. Things […]

April, come she will

1 April, 2010 (21:36) | Dance!, Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

I had a strange couple of days on Tuesday and Wednesday – I went down to London for a meeting by train (and the excitement level of the meeting can be seen from the extract of my notes reproduced to the right!).  Overnight Monday/Tuesday and Tuesday morning had been extremely wet and I knew bad […]

Catching up

28 February, 2010 (00:52) | Books, Dance! | By: Ian Burdon

OK; so where was I? As happens every so often, time has no time to spare and before you know it two weeks have gone by and no blogging. In my last entry I talked about the visit of Snark Rapper to Edinburgh: last Saturday Mons Meg went off to enjoy one of our intermittent […]

This and That

11 January, 2010 (00:26) | Books, Dance!, Music | By: Ian Burdon

The chill continues although there is something of a thaw in progress at present.  Aside from my return to work this week, I have taken advantage of the time to do a lot of reading after a lengthy period during which I seemed to read very little.  For the most part it has been science […]