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Category: Rants

This and that

5 September, 2017 (17:12) | Goggle-eyes, Rants | By: Ian Burdon

I went back and watched episodes 1 and 2 of the revived Twin Peaks. Unsurprisingly, they cast an interesting light on the final episode, especially some scenes/dialogue in episode 2 I’d forgotten about. I’m not going to make the mistake of imposing meaning on the show, but obviously Lynch and Frost scattered clues throughout the […]

Just Google it

6 March, 2017 (20:02) | Rants | By: Ian Burdon

Way back in the misty long ago, when the world was young and access to knowledge was mediated by either books or a 56k modem that made funny noises as it hogged the telephone line, I read about a new-fangled thing called Google search. I’m almost sure I first read of it in New Scientist, […]

A Great Disturbance in the Force

28 December, 2016 (15:39) | Rants | By: Ian Burdon

When Princess Diana died in 1997, colleagues and I discussed the reactions to her death. We agreed that she seemed to have married into a shitty life and it was sad she died young in that manner, but we weren’t in floods of tears, we didn’t buy flowers to leave in the park, and it […]

Blocking the Night Away

3 April, 2016 (20:17) | Rants | By: Ian Burdon

I’ve been hanging around the internet for a long time. I first went online in the Computer Lab at the Law Faculty in Edinburgh University. The experience was mostly based on pinging text around, and email was Pegasus I think. Around the same time, roughly 1991 to 1993, the Lab first started experimenting with Gopher […]

The men that brocht in the morice-dauns

29 December, 2011 (15:29) | Dance!, Rants | By: Ian Burdon

I passed a pleasant hour or so  this morning watching the excellent Way of the Morris, a documentary by Tim Plester ostensibly about the Adderbury Village Morris Men but, as with the best such films, resonating in all sorts of areas. One of the areas that it focused on was Morris Dance as an expression […]

Doom and Gloom

28 March, 2011 (01:02) | Rants | By: Ian Burdon

When I first started to blog in 2002 I wrote the following on my then website: If we could reduce all of the variables in modern British society into symbolic form and express their inter-relationships by integral calculus, the limits of the function would be bounded by the lowest common denominator and the highest common […]

I’m your top prime cut of meat, I’m your choice…

1 May, 2010 (08:51) | Rants | By: Ian Burdon

I did say that I wasn’t going to say much about the election didn’t I?  I’ve been stirred from self-enforced silence by a blog post by my old college chum Kenny Macaulay who is the Episcopal priest at St Augustine’s Dumbarton. More than ever I am aware this time round of a collective rush by […]