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Category: Music

Behind the Son

10 December, 2017 (17:49) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

In 1985 I bought Heaven In A Wild Flower, a compilation of tracks drawn from Nick Drake’s 3 LPs. I was smitten in the way only people who hear Nick for the first time can be. I immediately recorded the album to cassette for listening to on a Walkman, and so my copy of the […]

A thief, a reiver, a shiftin’ silhouette

17 January, 2016 (13:17) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

My first Celtic Connections gig of the year last night began when the white lines imprisoning the freeway were the persistent powder snow on the M8. I huddled in my seat with only Jean Rhys and the Grateful Dead for comfort, fortified by the free Tunnock’s Teacakes and Caramel Wafers provided on the bus. There […]

If you deal in rhyme

4 January, 2016 (12:51) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

We were through at my sister’s house on 2nd January. These events often (usually) end up as singalongs which serve to remind me how infrequently I play guitars these days. I usually come away with sore fingers on my left hand and the resolve to play more and get back some of the old fluency. […]

Moorland before me stretched out like a dream

11 January, 2014 (21:12) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

Sometime around 1981 a friend of a friend played me an LP by a band called Mr Fox, a folk-rock band that had a brief moment in the sun before falling into popular obscurity. The album, first released in 1971, was called The Gipsy and, although I wasn’t sure about most of it, I loved […]

Like something out of Edgar Allan Poe

30 June, 2013 (18:57) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

This post is inspired by a couple of things – some thoughts on the bus home from a corker of a gig by Van der Graaf Generator in Glasgow this week and a silly article in the Independent today based on Rick Wakeman’s plans to tour “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” next year […]

Bye bye Johnny

13 March, 2013 (23:24) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

I know, I know, I said I’d get stuff done about China. I haven’t forgotten but neither have I done it. In the meantime I must record a great night last Saturday when I went to see Wilko Johnson on his farewell tour. Despite the circumstances, or perhaps because of them, it was a fabulous […]

But instead it just kept on raining…

22 December, 2012 (21:22) | Bah! Humbug, Music, snap! | By: Ian Burdon

It has been a miserable run up to Christmas – wet and chilly. We have had it a lot better than parts of England which are approaching seriously catastrophic conditions after months of near continuous rain. It has been a bit bitty for me but my holidays have now started and I am happy to […]

Pity Them What See Him Suffer

8 November, 2012 (19:32) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

In the seventies I used to really like Steeleye Span. I probably got into them around the time of Gaudete and they used to be on TV a lot. While they weren’t my first introduction to folk music they were a formative influence as I started to listen more. My stand out memories from the […]

Keeping my hand in

21 September, 2012 (22:03) | Legs!, Music | By: Ian Burdon

It has been a while since I built a guitar and longer since I built the Octave Mandolin and I have been hankering to build something else if only to keep my hand in.  Ideally I’d like to build another guitar and do a better job but I don’t really have the time or the […]

Martin Simpson

4 February, 2012 (20:53) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

In the past couple of months I have twice had the great fortune to have seen Martin Simpson play live.  The first gig was at Edinburgh Folk Club in November and the second in Glasgow as part of Celtic Connections 2012 where he was joined by Dick Gaughan and June Tabor. Both gigs were outstanding […]