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Category: Music

I Call Him Gerald

29 September, 2018 (21:10) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

One of the first LPs I bought with my own money was A Nice Pair by Pink Floyd, a repackaging of their first two albums, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and A Saucerful of Secrets. I’d heard Dark Side of the Moon and Meddle by then, but at that point didn’t own a […]

Hannah Peel/Tubular Brass

28 January, 2018 (17:07) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

I only had tickets for one Celtic Connections event this year, Hannah Peel and Tubular Brass at Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket. I knew Tubular Brass from when it was released; the idea of working Mike Oldfield’s classic for an expanded brass ensemble struck me at first as a novelty; then I heard it. It’s based partly […]

Behind the Son

10 December, 2017 (17:49) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

In 1985 I bought Heaven In A Wild Flower, a compilation of tracks drawn from Nick Drake’s 3 LPs. I was smitten in the way only people who hear Nick for the first time can be. I immediately recorded the album to cassette for listening to on a Walkman, and so my copy of the […]

A thief, a reiver, a shiftin’ silhouette

17 January, 2016 (13:17) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

My first Celtic Connections gig of the year last night began when the white lines imprisoning the freeway were the persistent powder snow on the M8. I huddled in my seat with only Jean Rhys and the Grateful Dead for comfort, fortified by the free Tunnock’s Teacakes and Caramel Wafers provided on the bus. There […]

If you deal in rhyme

4 January, 2016 (12:51) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

We were through at my sister’s house on 2nd January. These events often (usually) end up as singalongs which serve to remind me how infrequently I play guitars these days. I usually come away with sore fingers on my left hand and the resolve to play more and get back some of the old fluency. […]

Moorland before me stretched out like a dream

11 January, 2014 (21:12) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

Sometime around 1981 a friend of a friend played me an LP by a band called Mr Fox, a folk-rock band that had a brief moment in the sun before falling into popular obscurity. The album, first released in 1971, was called The Gipsy and, although I wasn’t sure about most of it, I loved […]

Like something out of Edgar Allan Poe

30 June, 2013 (18:57) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

This post is inspired by a couple of things – some thoughts on the bus home from a corker of a gig by Van der Graaf Generator in Glasgow this week and a silly article in the Independent today based on Rick Wakeman’s plans to tour “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” next year […]

Bye bye Johnny

13 March, 2013 (23:24) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

I know, I know, I said I’d get stuff done about China. I haven’t forgotten but neither have I done it. In the meantime I must record a great night last Saturday when I went to see Wilko Johnson on his farewell tour. Despite the circumstances, or perhaps because of them, it was a fabulous […]

But instead it just kept on raining…

22 December, 2012 (21:22) | Bah! Humbug, Music, snap! | By: Ian Burdon

It has been a miserable run up to Christmas – wet and chilly. We have had it a lot better than parts of England which are approaching seriously catastrophic conditions after months of near continuous rain. It has been a bit bitty for me but my holidays have now started and I am happy to […]

Pity Them What See Him Suffer

8 November, 2012 (19:32) | Music | By: Ian Burdon

In the seventies I used to really like Steeleye Span. I probably got into them around the time of Gaudete and they used to be on TV a lot. While they weren’t my first introduction to folk music they were a formative influence as I started to listen more. My stand out memories from the […]