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Category: Books

The Tenth Knot

1 October, 2018 (00:15) | Books, Goggle-eyes | By: Ian Burdon

In 2012 I dropped into one of our local charity shops looking for something to read on holiday. I picked up a hardback first edition of Deborah Harkness’s A Discovery of Witches. It was a good holiday read, a page-turner, as I wrote at the time. I checked to see if she’d written any other […]

On Alpha Ralpha Boulevard

24 November, 2017 (16:17) | Books, Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

Someone asked me what originally attracted me to science fiction. This is by way of a partial answer for them. My introduction to SF (yes, I’m going to use that abbreviation: bite me) in writing, as opposed to TV, was almost certainly when my school friend Peter recommended Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. I guess we were […]

Shameless Self-publicity

11 January, 2017 (14:38) | Books, Writing | By: Ian Burdon

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a story being published at some indeterminate point in the near future. You can read about it at this link. I know it’s getting closer because (a) I’ve had the edits back and (b) I got an email today about publicity when it comes out–essentially my role, amongst other […]

Nothing Ado About Much

21 November, 2012 (17:08) | Books | By: Ian Burdon

I have been writing a fair bit recently, just not here.  Mostly, though not completely this has been for work.  It has been enjoyable but obviously has kept me away from other stuff – like here. I mentioned a few posts ago that I was toying with writing some fiction and I have, in odd […]

Despatches From the Homefront

16 September, 2012 (10:57) | Books | By: Ian Burdon

Although I have the usual accumulation of tools in assorted boxes in the big cupboard off the kitchen where we put things that don’t go anywhere else, I am a reluctant handyman. I never touch Gas, Electricity or Water and, despite being confident enough to build a couple of musical instruments, don’t really do much […]

Commonplace Stuff

4 September, 2012 (17:27) | Books | By: Ian Burdon

I was reminded of a post I wrote two years or so ago (this one) about another holiday in Sutherland in 2010 in which I mentioned in passing that An odd thing happened today. Many years ago I started to write a fantasy novel which I abandoned on the basis that it was utter crap. […]

On Yer Bike…

4 April, 2010 (21:13) | Books, Dance! | By: Ian Burdon

I bought a bike today.  I went along to check them out but found one that I liked and had the money sitting in a Building Society account so I bought it.   I’m very pleased with it and will no doubt take some photos tomorrow to post here – when it has stopped raining. Things […]

Catching up

28 February, 2010 (00:52) | Books, Dance! | By: Ian Burdon

OK; so where was I? As happens every so often, time has no time to spare and before you know it two weeks have gone by and no blogging. In my last entry I talked about the visit of Snark Rapper to Edinburgh: last Saturday Mons Meg went off to enjoy one of our intermittent […]

Titfer – two

24 January, 2010 (22:38) | Books, Music | By: Ian Burdon

I have been reading Honeyboy Edwards’ excellent autobiography “The World Don’t Own Me Nothing” of late.  It is an excellent read and captures well his early days based in the Delta, hoboing around the US, playing guitar and harmonica, drinking white whiskey, stealing other people’s wives and generally having a wild time.  While doing so […]

This and That

11 January, 2010 (00:26) | Books, Dance!, Music | By: Ian Burdon

The chill continues although there is something of a thaw in progress at present.  Aside from my return to work this week, I have taken advantage of the time to do a lot of reading after a lengthy period during which I seemed to read very little.  For the most part it has been science […]