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Category: Biopsy

When 3 become 9

19 March, 2018 (14:35) | Biopsy | By: Ian Burdon

The three syllables of biopsy have become the nine of labial melanotic macule, a harmless lesion. Hoorah, hoorah, and all that.

Three Syllables

8 February, 2018 (21:22) | Biopsy | By: Ian Burdon

I mentioned a month ago that I had a biopsy scheduled, and I had a couple of messages asking me about it (thanks: you know who you are). It happened on Tuesday, and I thought I’d note down something about it. I have an area of shading on my lower lip, and the plan was […]

Happy New Year

8 January, 2018 (14:00) | Biopsy, Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

3 conversations with medical professionals: DENTIST: Have you checked with your doctor about that? Probably isn’t anything. DOCTOR: Probably nothing, but I’ll get a dermatologist to have a look. DERMATOLOGIST: Nothing to worry about, but we’ll schedule a biopsy anyway. * I spent a lazy Sunday watching three films linked by similar themes: Bladerunner 2049 […]