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Category: Archived Blog

Recursion (blogging about blogging)

3 February, 2018 (18:29) | Archived Blog | By: Ian Burdon

I’ve mentioned previously that the excellent Malcy converted the files for my old blog so I could post them here. And I have posted one or two of the very earliest entries. The main reason I’ve ground to a halt, aside from sloth, is that other things have taken my time. But they’re not the […]

Evolve Fish

24 August, 2002 (12:55) | Archived Blog | By: Ian Burdon

Isn’t it remarkable how a few words can evoke pin sharp memories and warm, viscous feelings of a long gone time and state of mind? I’m looking at some such words now. They say: This stereo record can be played on mono reproducers provided either a compatible or stereo cartridge wired for mono is fitted. […]

Baby Steps

21 August, 2002 (12:51) | Archived Blog | By: Ian Burdon

Ah, another day, another losing lottery ticket! I am not and never have been a great diary keeper. There have been exceptions to this: when I was engaged on a Government Study Fellowship a few years back I kept an electronic diary of the whole year and for several months thereafter too, including a cathartic […]

First post

17 August, 2002 (12:30) | Archived Blog | By: Ian Burdon

First entry and its a sombre one I’m afraid. I have recently been re-reading some early Clive Barker novels – Imagica, the Great and Secret Show and Everville. As those who have read him will know, Barker’s work is usually classified in the ‘horror’ genre and he specialises in complex plots with a fetishistic eye […]