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Category: Goggle-eyes


25 January, 2018 (18:43) | Goggle-eyes, Writing | By: Ian Burdon

All quiet since my last. Aside from the day job, I’m 39,000 words into the first draft of the novel I’m writing. it’s nothing like I originally thought it might be, but that’s OK and I’m enjoying myself. I have kept myself entertained with several movies. I mentioned last time Bladerunner 2049 and various versions […]

It may seem hokey, but…

6 December, 2017 (11:44) | Goggle-eyes | By: Ian Burdon

In the mighty Once More With Feeling, Buffy worries that a training session will morph into a training montage from an eighties movie. Well. says Giles, if we hear any inspirational power chords we’ll just lie down until they go away. The writers of Supergirl, which I’ve now caught up with, seem to have forgotten […]

Crisis? What Crisis?

1 December, 2017 (18:45) | Goggle-eyes | By: Ian Burdon

My TV watching is even more sporadic and random than usual since the end of The Deuce, which disappointed only by being so short at 8 episodes. I watched the first half of Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix, which is good, if brutal. Beneath the melodramatic surface is quite a good and nuanced portrait of […]

Couch potato update

24 October, 2017 (14:26) | Goggle-eyes | By: Ian Burdon

The Deuce continues to impress as it comes towards the end of its first season. Multiple story arcs all flowing naturally from character are developing, all the cast are tone perfect, the direction and cinematography inventive, and the music outstanding. I’m going to miss this until season 2 comes along. If I have a complaint […]

Girl of Steel

11 October, 2017 (22:57) | Goggle-eyes | By: Ian Burdon

Supergirl is back for season 3. I enjoyed the first episode, though, as ever with villains of the week, the bad guy was lame. I detected a shift somewhere in it though, and I can’t put my finger on it. There was a focus on character that makes me suspect it was not only setting […]

The Principle is All

25 September, 2017 (22:25) | Goggle-eyes | By: Ian Burdon

In episode 3 of The Deuce, there is a scene in which Maggie Gyllenhaal is in her kitchen listening to messages on her answer phone. She does nothing except stand there and smoke and react, and yet, by her face and her posture and with every fibre of her being, she tells us everything. Three […]

Conservative, but not Entirely Unfun

17 September, 2017 (10:54) | Goggle-eyes | By: Ian Burdon

Always late to the party, I watched Wonder Woman. And… I enjoyed it but, on the basis of the reviews, expected to be overwhelmed. As it happens I was neither over- nor under- whelmed; I was merely whelmed. The film is clearly important in breaking with the testosterone-fest aspects of the superhero genre, and the […]

Everything is Everything

14 September, 2017 (17:30) | Goggle-eyes | By: Ian Burdon

The opening scene of episode 1 of The Wire, the Who Shot Snot? dialogue, is a classic. McNulty and and un-named witness are talking about Snotboogie, the dead guy in the middle of the road. The dialogue goes like this: “I’m saying, every Friday night in the alley behind the cut-rate, we rolling bones, you […]

Oh dear me no

9 September, 2017 (00:16) | Goggle-eyes | By: Ian Burdon

Just as Marvel did their Defenders cross-over, CW/DC did the same with their four franchises. Invasion! A DC Crossover Event. You may see it going cheap in your local supermarket and be tempted by its low price; you may think, as I did, it would be a pleasant way to pass a couple of hours. […]

This and that

5 September, 2017 (17:12) | Goggle-eyes, Rants | By: Ian Burdon

I went back and watched episodes 1 and 2 of the revived Twin Peaks. Unsurprisingly, they cast an interesting light on the final episode, especially some scenes/dialogue in episode 2 I’d forgotten about. I’m not going to make the mistake of imposing meaning on the show, but obviously Lynch and Frost scattered clues throughout the […]