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Category: Facebook

Adieu, Adieu

25 March, 2018 (15:25) | Facebook | By: Ian Burdon

As regular readers (all three of you) know, I deactivated my Facebook account in November 2016. At the time I wrote The reason I did it was simple: I opened my account up over breakfast one morning, scrolled back through a few entries, and decided I didn’t want to see any more of what was […]

Faults in the Clouds of Delusion

17 November, 2017 (10:54) | Facebook | By: Ian Burdon

(added: since writing the post below, I’ve reduced the number of Twitter accounts I follow by around 70–about 14%–and muted several more.) Tomorrow will mark a year since I deactivated my Facebook account. I haven’t been away completely–I logged in a couple of times for family events and photographs, but on the few times I’ve […]

Lock the Gates, Goofy, Take My Hand

7 October, 2017 (20:37) | Dead Water, Facebook | By: Ian Burdon

I haven’t looked at my mobile phone today. It’s by my bedside, where it was when I woke up. It hasn’t been in my pocket or been carried around from room to room as I’ve walked round the house. I didn’t take it with me when I went out to the shops this morning, and […]

The Book of the Faces again

20 March, 2017 (15:02) | Facebook | By: Ian Burdon

I went back on FaceBook last week; as I said there, it was purely for self-promotion because of Respectable Horror. It’s been interesting to dip my toes back in, and advertising the book there certainly drew a response. However the main reason I left, the pollution of my newsfeed by increasingly toxic and/or moronic political […]

Facebook Update

25 January, 2017 (18:32) | Facebook | By: Ian Burdon

I’m now well into my third month without Facebook, and I have no inclination to go back. My account remains deactivated rather than deleted because I still have uses for Messenger, but the main site has no attraction. I have noticed a lot of links in Tweets to people’s FB postings; sometimes I can see […]

The Book of the Faces redux

4 December, 2016 (21:39) | Facebook | By: Ian Burdon

I deactivated my Facebook account on 18 November. I went back on briefly on Friday/Saturday just gone to let people know that I’ve gone, then deactivated the account again. Effectively that’s 16 days without it; I haven’t found its absence a particular wrench and I don’t feel any inclination to dive back into it. The […]

A Farewell to Facebook?

27 November, 2016 (20:57) | Dead Water, Facebook | By: Ian Burdon

I’ve been on Facebook for a while, I think since around 2009. I am now in my second week without it. My account hasn’t been deleted, but I have disabled it so I don’t show up there if anyone looks for me. Click on the Facebook link to the right and you’ll get a ‘Page […]