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Category: Dead Water

Obligatory end of year note

31 December, 2018 (10:49) | Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

The years are passing too quickly! 2018 has come and gone in a flash. What is there to say? I enjoyed great holidays in the USA and Portugal and wrote a novel that I still need to revise. I listened to a lot of music, read some books, but watched little TV or cinema. I […]

All the Broken Dreams and Vanished Years

23 December, 2018 (17:29) | Dead Water, Heads, Music, Steal Your Face | By: Ian Burdon

It’s December 2018 and the Cosmic Surfer, pseudo-eponymous writer of this blog, is reading Jesse Jarnow’s Heads, A Biography of Psychedelic America. He found the book by way of a random tweet by Steve Silberman and downloaded it, legally, there and then–a sentence that would have been meaningless while the Surfer was growing up but […]

A Very British Catastrophe

21 December, 2018 (10:06) | Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

I haven’t written here much of late, partly because I don’t have much to say and partly because what I do have to say is still percolating. In particular I haven’t written much about the lunacy that is Brexit, I’ve just watched in dumb horror as our political classes take us down, basking in the […]

Time Flies

8 November, 2018 (21:25) | Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

Fourteen years ago, more or less, on 3 November 2004, I wrote on my old blog: As I’ve said before though, the history of the twentieth century was the history of the rise of America: the history of the twenty-first century will be that of its decline and fall. The hope has to be that […]

Interim Report

1 November, 2018 (08:41) | Dead Water, Goggle-eyes, Holidays, Sense8, Writing | By: Ian Burdon

Since the previous post we’ve had a lovely break in Portugal, which I might write about sooner or later. My TV viewing has been a mixed bag. I watched season 3 of The Man In The High Castle and enjoyed it. A Discovery of Witches is making its way to the end of the first […]

Assessing Points to Nowhere

29 July, 2018 (00:14) | Dead Water, Holidays, Yes | By: Ian Burdon

Ian Hunter’s voice rasped around my head as New York shimmered in a heat haze through the window on our final approach. And the Manhattan skyline Blew my mind the first time… My first time in New York City was in July 2001. The memories are bright but jumbled after 17 years: the vibrancy of […]

Belt and Road

29 January, 2018 (17:39) | Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

New Scientist carried an article in its 20 January edition by Laura Spinney, looking at notions that western civilisation is “starting to crumble” (NS 3161, p29). The leader column (p.5), downplayed the claims, but also made the point that we should treat them seriously, and that is impeded by the politicisation of them. NS suggests […]

Happy New Year

8 January, 2018 (14:00) | Biopsy, Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

3 conversations with medical professionals: DENTIST: Have you checked with your doctor about that? Probably isn’t anything. DOCTOR: Probably nothing, but I’ll get a dermatologist to have a look. DERMATOLOGIST: Nothing to worry about, but we’ll schedule a biopsy anyway. * I spent a lazy Sunday watching three films linked by similar themes: Bladerunner 2049 […]

On Alpha Ralpha Boulevard

24 November, 2017 (16:17) | Books, Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

Someone asked me what originally attracted me to science fiction. This is by way of a partial answer for them. My introduction to SF (yes, I’m going to use that abbreviation: bite me) in writing, as opposed to TV, was almost certainly when my school friend Peter recommended Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. I guess we were […]

Write about what you know

23 October, 2017 (00:30) | Dead Water, Writing | By: Ian Burdon

I’m writing a novel. I tried doing this a while back but got nowhere and instead wrote a heap of short stories, two of which have found publishers. I would be happy to stick with the short stories but, at the risk of being precious, you go where the story takes you. I’m not making […]