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Category: Dead Water

Happy New Year

8 January, 2018 (14:00) | Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

3 conversations with medical professionals: DENTIST: Have you checked with your doctor about that? Probably isn’t anything. DOCTOR: Probably nothing, but I’ll get a dermatologist to have a look. DERMATOLOGIST: Nothing to worry about, but we’ll schedule a biopsy anyway. * I spent a lazy Sunday watching three films linked by similar themes: Bladerunner 2049 […]

On Alpha Ralpha Boulevard

24 November, 2017 (16:17) | Books, Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

Someone asked me what originally attracted me to science fiction. This is by way of a partial answer for them. My introduction to SF (yes, I’m going to use that abbreviation: bite me) in writing, as opposed to TV, was almost certainly when my school friend Peter recommended Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. I guess we were […]

Write about what you know

23 October, 2017 (00:30) | Dead Water, Writing | By: Ian Burdon

I’m writing a novel. I tried doing this a while back but got nowhere and instead wrote a heap of short stories, two of which have found publishers. I would be happy to stick with the short stories but, at the risk of being precious, you go where the story takes you. I’m not making […]

Lock the Gates, Goofy, Take My Hand

7 October, 2017 (20:37) | Dead Water, Facebook | By: Ian Burdon

I haven’t looked at my mobile phone today. It’s by my bedside, where it was when I woke up. It hasn’t been in my pocket or been carried around from room to room as I’ve walked round the house. I didn’t take it with me when I went out to the shops this morning, and […]

Like There Were Only Three Walls

17 March, 2017 (18:36) | Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dead Water, Goggle-eyes, Sense8 | By: Ian Burdon

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned Once More With Feeling, the magnificent 6th season episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve been asked a couple of times since then why I like the episode so much, and this is my explanation. Soliloquies in Song Off the top of my head, I can only think […]

Apocalypse: we’ve all been there

13 March, 2017 (23:54) | Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dead Water, Goggle-eyes, Writing | By: Ian Burdon

A couple of anniversaries have been on my mind: Rumours is now 40 years old; Buffy the Vampire Slayer hit TV screens 20 years ago. I’m sort of depressed in both cases that things so fresh in my memory have acquired such a weight of years. I have vivid memories of buying 3 copies of […]

In The Realms of the Unreal

20 December, 2016 (17:40) | Brexit, Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

Somewhere around 1979 or 80, I read Paul Feyerabend’s Against Method. I got to it by a roundabout route: his How To Be a Good Empiricist was in a Philosophy of Science tutorial reading list, and I was sufficiently intrigued by that to read more of him. Against Method is not without its critics, some, […]

A Farewell to Facebook?

27 November, 2016 (20:57) | Dead Water, Facebook | By: Ian Burdon

I’ve been on Facebook for a while, I think since around 2009. I am now in my second week without it. My account hasn’t been deleted, but I have disabled it so I don’t show up there if anyone looks for me. Click on the Facebook link to the right and you’ll get a ‘Page […]

Trumpety Trump Trump Trump

9 November, 2016 (19:56) | Brexit, Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

On 3 November 2004, on an old blog that no longer exists except on my hard drive, I wrote: The history of the twentieth century was the history of the rise of America: the history of the twenty-first century will be that of its decline and fall. The hope has to be that it doesn’t […]

The Morning After the Night Before

25 June, 2016 (12:48) | Brexit, Dead Water | By: Ian Burdon

In the 1992 Film “A Few Good Men”, PFC Louden Downie, not the sharpest knife in the cutlery tray, doesn’t understand why he has been given a dishonourable discharge from the Marines. “What does this mean?” He says. “I don’t understand…” I was reminded of this when word came through that Cornwall, having voted “Leave” […]