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In Search of the Lost Chord

16 August, 2017 (21:09) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

I can barely remember a time when I didn’t have a way to listen to music. I think my first machine was a tape recorder, then there was a record player and a cassette player. Over the years the equipment has changed, but the music is the continuity. In our front room now is equipment […]

Impossibility is a kiss away from reality

30 June, 2017 (10:07) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

I’m just going to leave these here while I wander around with a silly grin on my face  

What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

27 June, 2017 (21:38) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

I’ve been catching up on TV since we got back from holiday.  Of course, that doesn’t amount to a lot for me since I don’t watch that much TV, and I’m still not reconciled to the cancellation of Sense8, but still… Dr Who: Moffat and Capaldi’s final series has knocked it out of the park […]

Je suis Marxiste, tendance Groucho

10 June, 2017 (21:33) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

The election then. I posted nothing about it before it happened and I don’t plan to post much now, except to say I found the outcome hilarious. Now, voting was quite easy for me this time round; I live in an SNP/LibDem marginal so my choice was clear: LibDem. I don’t especially like the LibDems, […]

Just Google it

6 March, 2017 (20:02) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

Way back in the misty long ago, when the world was young and access to knowledge was mediated by either books or a 56k modem that made funny noises as it hogged the telephone line, I read about a new-fangled thing called Google search. I’m almost sure I first read of it in New Scientist, […]

We are rooted, we are your children

3 January, 2017 (10:35) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

We went out for a stroll yesterday, a start to working off the festive chocolate glut. It wasn’t a huge walk, just three miles alongside the Union Canal from Ratho, but it was enjoyable. It’s a while since I/we’ve been there. Some new houses and a marina on one side of the bridge caught me […]

Winding Down the Year (2)

31 December, 2016 (19:02) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

Happy 2017 to all (?) my readers. Resolutions: (i) Be kind (ii) Look for beauty The rest will be what it will be.

Winding Down the Year (1)

30 December, 2016 (11:21) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

As 2016 crawls off to the knacker’s yard, I’ve had this running around my head:

China Diary

29 September, 2016 (22:02) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

Some reflections on our recent visit to China can be found to the top right of the page (click ‘China 2016’). Alternatively, go here.


14 August, 2016 (12:17) | Uncategorized | By: Ian Burdon

A quick punt for a new post on my other blog. Also, I submitted two stories to a new magazine looking for pieces for its first issue. I’ll say more when I hear if they have been accepted or rejected.